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Question about severe emotional distburbance/mental illness in cohousing
         FROM:  Diana Leafe Christian-29366
         REPLIES FROM:  Yusuf Pisan-29368, Lee Collins-29370, Rob
         Sandelin-29371, Joanie Connors-29372, Joanie
         Connors-29374, Sharon Villines-29375, Sharon
         Villines-29376, Eris Weaver-29377, James Kacki-29379,
         melanie griffin-29380, Joanie Connors-29382, luk
         jonckheere-29385, Fred H Olson-29387, Joanie
         Connors-29388, Kristen Simmons-29394, Jenny Guy-29410

How to accept donations   FROM:  Anne Fleck-29378
         REPLIES FROM:  Lynn Nadeau-29384, Rob Sandelin-29389,
         Mac Thomson-29396, Raines Cohen-29397, Mac
         Thomson-29398, Sharon Villines-29400, dlmandel-29404

Re: What are communities doing now that we are hitting difficult financial 
         REPLIES FROM:  Joanie Connors-29360, little bee-29361,
         Rob Sandelin-29362

a nice marketing tool....   FROM:  Joani Blank-29367
         REPLY FROM:  Sharon Villines-29373

Re: Cohousing Commute Survey
         REPLY FROM:  Diane-29381

Neighborhood Stabilization Trust   FROM:  Jessie Kome-29401

Not sure about the legal system for troubled teens
         FROM:  Rob Sandelin-29383
         REPLIES FROM:  Eris Weaver-29390, Jeanne Goodman-29391,
         Sharon Villines-29392

Please help with Square Footage Costs
         FROM:  Janet H. Pelletier-29363
         REPLIES FROM:  Larry Miller-29364, Robert Heinich-29365

Bay Area (CA): KGO News (ABC 7) TV featuring cohousing THIS HOUR (6-7 PM PST 
         FROM:  Raines Cohen-29402
         REPLIES FROM:  Diane-29406, Sharon Villines-29407, John
         Faust-29408, Catya Belfer-Shevett-29409

Re: Cohousing Forum at RMIT University
         REPLY FROM:  Hans Tilstra-29395

1 Bedroom Rental at Coyote Crossing in Santa Cruz
         FROM:  Kristina Muten-29386
         REPLY FROM:  Philip Ralph Grinslade-29393

Loft space for rent at Swan's Market Cohousing in Oakland
         FROM:  Laurie Pantell-29399

Two Oakland CA cohousing communities featured on KGO-TV
         FROM:  Joani Blank-29403
         REPLY FROM:  Diane-29405

Unit for sale at Temescal Creek Cohousing!
         FROM:  Denise Meier-29369
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