Disengagement cont. / multiple candidates
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The whole picture (was disengagement)   FROM:  Karen Kudia-30586
         REPLIES FROM:  Jessie Kome-30587, Fred H Olson-30588,
         Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-30590, Karen Kudia-30594

Re: Consensus and multiple candidates
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-30595, Jeanne
         Goodman-30605, Sharon Villines-30610

contingency fund questions   FROM:  Jodi Coleman-30612

in development cash calls / fundraising - how did you do it?
         FROM:  Kristi Barlow-30598
         REPLY FROM:  Kay Wilson Fisk-30599

Questions on teams and team leads   FROM:  Jude Foster-30607
         REPLIES FROM:  Mark.speaks-30608, Sharon Villines-30609

Cohousing House Swap Service   FROM:  Zev Paiss-30602
         REPLY FROM:  Fran Hart-30611

NW cohousing meeting facilitators   FROM:  Kathleen Walsh-30600

ThanksGiving Getaway available!   FROM:  Ruth Hirsch-30596
         REPLY FROM:  Joanie Connors-30597

Unique 3Br/2BA home for sale at Eastern Village Cohousing in Silver Spring, MD
         FROM:  Rodney Elin-30601
         REPLIES FROM:  katie-henry-30603, Diana E Carroll-30604,

home for rent in FrogSong (Cotati, CA)   FROM:  Eris Weaver-30592

Opportunity for a below-market home in Oak Creek Commons
         FROM:  Marcia J. Bates-30589
         REPLY FROM:  Larry Miller-30591

Price Reduction - 2BR Townhouse at Pleasant Hill Cohousing
         FROM:  Susan Hedgpeth-30593
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