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Note, apparently I forgot to make the summary last week.  Sorry.
And did not realize it. This one is particularly big.     Sorry.
Summers are short and busy in Minnesota...  Fred

Group Think   FROM:  Sharon Villines-33272
         REPLIES FROM:  Robin Alexander-33274, Sharon
         Villines-33276, Matt Lawrence-33280, Doug
         Chamberlin-33281, Norman Gauss-33282, Joanie
         Connors-33283, Sharon Villines-33284, Sharon
         Villines-33285, Joanie Connors-33286, Sharon
         Villines-33287, Robin Alexander-33288, Robin
         Alexander-33289, David Heimann-33291, Sharon
         Villines-33292, Racheli Gai-33293, Sharon
         Villines-33294, Moz-33295, Racheli Gai-33296, Joanie
         Connors-33297, Sharon Villines-33301, Sharon
         Villines-33302, R.N. Johnson-33326

Re: Group Think - Three Meetings
         REPLY FROM:  Norman Gauss-33303

Re: Group Think - Apathy is a Factor
         REPLIES FROM:  Norman Gauss-33304, Sharon
         Villines-33305, Joanie Connors-33306, Sharon
         Villines-33308, Norman Gauss-33309, R.N. Johnson-33317

Decision-Making Process [was Group Think - Three Meetings]
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-33307

Re: Group Think - Wisdom of the Group
         REPLIES FROM:  Norman Gauss-33310, Doug
         Chamberlin-33311, Sharon Villines-33312

Re: Group Think - Reopening a decision can be difficult
         REPLY FROM:  Norman Gauss-33322

Re: Love your budget process?
         REPLIES FROM:  Laura Benedict-33299, Robert
         Heinich-33300, Sharon Villines-33339, Diana
         Carroll-33340, Michael Barrett-33345, Diana
         Carroll-33346, Fred H Olson-33348, peterpiper-33354

Pets in Community Guest Room with Meat Eating Visitors
         FROM:  Zev Paiss-33252
         REPLIES FROM:  Diana Carroll-33253, Sharon
         Villines-33254, Joanie Connors-33255, Diana
         Carroll-33256, Eris Weaver-33257, Racheli Gai-33258,
         Karen Carlson-33260, Charles Nuckolls-33261, Ann
         Zabaldo-33269, Racheli Gai-33270

Re: Pets in Community
         REPLY FROM:  Wayne Tyson-33246

Smart Meters are NO RF threat   FROM:  Fred H Olson-33368
         REPLY FROM:  Fred H Olson-33377

Smart Meters in communities?   FROM:  Valerie McIntyre-33332
         REPLIES FROM:  Joanie Connors-33333, Alison Etter-33335,
         Norman Gauss-33336, Sharon Villines-33337, Gary
         Campbell-33338, ehrbar-33342, Valerie McIntyre-33347,
         Richard L. Kohlhaas-33350, Valerie McIntyre-33351,
         ehrbar-33352, Jerome Garciano-33355, Sharon
         Villines-33357, Doug Chamberlin-33358, joyce
         thorn-33359, Alison Etter-33360, Moz-33361, Lyle
         Scheer-33362, Diane-33363, Holly McNutt-33364, Sharon
         Villines-33365, Moz-33366, Sharon Villines-33367,
         Valerie McIntyre-33370, Hans Tilstra-33371

Community guests in CH guest rooms   FROM:  Joani Blank-33247
         REPLIES FROM:  Diana Carroll-33248, Eris Weaver-33249,
         Sharon Villines-33250, Tim Pierce-33266, Sharon
         Villines-33267, Diane-33268, R.N. Johnson-33327, Douglas

Larger Issues [was Pets in Community Guest Room with Meat Eating Visitors]
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-33271
         REPLIES FROM:  Racheli Gai-33273, Sharon Villines-33275

Calendar Software   FROM:  Caity McCardell-33318
         REPLIES FROM:  Racheli Gai-33319, Timothy Hunter-33320,
         Rodney Elin-33321, Hummel, Tracey S - (thummel)-33328,
         Sharon Villines-33329, Moz-33330, Hummel, Tracey S -
         (thummel)-33343, Hummel, Tracey S - (thummel)-33344,
         Catya Belfer-33378

Choosing a cohousing consulting   FROM:  Deryk Wenaus-33313
         REPLY FROM:  Wayne Tyson-33315

cohousing vision   FROM:  Gerald Manata-33323
         REPLIES FROM:  Michael Barrett-33324, Norman
         Gauss-33325, Ann Maria Bell-33331, Sharon
         Villines-33334, peterpiper-33374, John Beutler-33375,
         Sharon Villines-33376, Sharon Villines-33379

Cohousing/ Farm Interface   FROM:  Joel Plotkin-33349
         REPLIES FROM:  Sandy Thomson-33353, Richard

HGTV and Cohousing in Tucson   FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-33380
         REPLIES FROM:  NetiPotLady-33381, Ann Zabaldo-33382

Sociocracy   FROM:  Lou Lieb-33372
         REPLY FROM:  Wayne Tyson-33373

The Declaration of Independence had to be a cohousing project!
         FROM:  David Heimann-33277
         REPLIES FROM:  Racheli Gai-33278, David Heimann-33279,
         David Heimann-33290, Jenny Guy-33298

The Self vs the Greater Good   FROM:  Sharon Villines-33262
         REPLY FROM:  Zia Terhune-33263

THREE New England Cohousing Events   FROM:  Laura Fitch-33356

Within Reach: documentar about community needs your votes
         FROM:  Sheila Hoffman-33259
         REPLY FROM:  Sheila Hoffman-33265

how to unsubscribe   FROM:  Moz-33264

Link of interest   FROM:  Wayne Tyson-33316

house swap in Sebastopol   FROM:  Denise Meier-33314
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