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Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 07:36:50 -0700 (PDT)
Cohousing-L msg summary for May 23 to May 29 2012, msg# 34566 - 34585
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 Rodney Elin-34585,

Cohousing, Ecovillage, Cooperative Venture workshops in VT/NY
         FROM:  Robert F Goodrich-34583

For sale in SUMMER 2012: 3-bedroom, 2-bath top floor condo in LEED-certified 
cohousing community.
         FROM:  Rodney Elin-34581

Grants for LEED for Neighborhood Development
         FROM:  Laura Fitch-34576
         REPLY FROM:  marganne-34580

inexpensive housing in Oakland available near nat'l coho conference
         FROM:  Dyan Wiley-34579

Lots of Gray: How to Assign Financial Responsibility for Homeowner Damage to 
Common Property
         FROM:  Steven Hecht-34572
         REPLIES FROM:  David Bygott-34577, Sharon Villines-34578

Low cost conference housing needed 6/12 PM to 6/17am Oakland, CA
         FROM:  Robert F Goodrich-34582

Re: Online or Social media marketing - what has worked for you? finder's fees?
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-34566, Tim Pierce-34567,
         Catya Belfer-34568, Sharon Villines-34569, Moz-34570,
         Tim Pierce-34571, Catya Belfer-34573, Sharon
         Villines-34574, Judy Baxter-34575

Sound panels - like for use in a  Common House
         FROM:  Neena Jud-34584
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