First message - welcome
From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 92 18:23 CDT
This is the first message to be distributed via the COHOUSING-L mailing list
, I think.  As of today 10/21/92 there are 3 subscribers.  Myself,
Mark Richards and Judy Baxter.  I have yet to pulicize the list but have been 
thinking about how to do it.  I'll post seperately a message on my thoughts.

In the mean time any comments on the "Welcome" message you get upon joining?
Is it too long?  Comments on content?  One change I think I'll make is to
put 'cohousing-l' in all caps.  Apparently the listserver does not mind this
and it is easier to distinguish the -l from -1 if it is written -L .
BTW I chose to use the -L name even tho it is usually used for Bitnet lists.
Because I think it will be useful to have a distinct name for the list that
isn't confused with the topic.  

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