Places to announce COHOUSING-L
From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 92 19:14 CDT
Judy, below is my list of places to announce the list including the Inovative
Housing newsletter.  Can you dig up addresses for the others?

Places to announce the COHOUSING-L mailing list
The Well Cohousing electronic forum; all users have Email         Usenet newsgroup
alt.urban.planning Usenet newsgroup
soc.culture.nordic Usenet newsgroup

House of Cards Cohousing room - Mpls dial-up bbs
(former participants if identifiable)

one or the other lists of mailing lists

Cohousing company
Cohousing Newsletter from Inovative housing
Twin Cities Cohousing Network newsletter
other newsletters

individuals Fred has corresponded with (via email) about cohousing (about 3)

Announcements would include / not include introduction to cohousing
and/or introduction to mailing lists via Internet depending upon expected
knowledge of persons likely to set that notice.

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