COHOUSING-L introductions
From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 01:11 CST
                                  Tue  12-08-1992
                                  Fred H. Olson    ( WB0YQM )
                                  Becca Brackett   ( N0CAH )
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COHOUSING-L introductions.

   I hope this becomes friendly forum and we get to know each other some.
This makes it more interesting and facilitates communications.  It also
seems natural expectation given the topic.

To that end I would like to encourage people to introduce themselves.  My
introduction follows.  I am re-posting Judy Baxter's which was posted early on
in the list's existance.

Some things I'd encourage you to include:

1  Name
2  where you live
3  nature of your cohousing interest / involvement; level of knowledge
4  type of cohousing community you would like to live in including urban,
5  suburban or rural preference
6  Location stability.  That is whether you tend to
   a) live where you work and therefore might move in response to a job change
   b) work where you have a long term commitment to living
7  where you learned of COHOUSING-L
8  how often do you check your Email


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