Cohousing in the Twin Cities
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Cohousing in the Twin Cities

Cohousing is organized on two levels in the Twin Cities.  There is an
umbrella organization for all people interested in Cohousing called
the Twin Cities Cohousing Network.  It is a 501c3 educational organization.

Some TCCN members are members of 'core groups' whose purpose is the development
of specific cohousing communities.  At present there are 4 active core groups.
They differ in their membership and geographic interests. There have been other
core groups which are now defunct. What follows is brief summaries (accurate to
the best of Fred's knowledge...) of the Twin Cities core groups:

Best of Both Worlds. (defunct) not site specific, interested in either urban or
   suburban site.

Urban Sooners. (defunct) not site specific, wanted urban site.

TRG. Formed by mostly from group that has worked together for some years on the
large local Science Fiction convention.  Had a purchase agreement on a former
elementary school site in a first ring suburb but gave up on it due to problems
with the presence of asbestos in the structure. Is now looking at other sites
including a currently vacant 9 story building on the Minneapolis riverfront.
COHOUSING-L subscriber Mark Richards is a member of TRG.

Bryn Mawr.  (defunct) Formed around a specific site on the edge of
Minneapolis when 6 house lots became available in a tax forfeiture sale.  Formed
from members of Best of Both Worlds and Urban Sooners.

Monterey. Formed in Nov 1991 around 2.5 acre site with 3 story former nursing
home building just west of the Minneapolis border in St Louis Park.  Plans call
for about 6 households and common space in the existing building and additional
townhouse units to be built.  WILL CLOSE ON THE PURCHASE Dec 18, 1992 !!!
COHOUSING-L subscriber Judy Baxter is a member Monterey.

Seward. Formed in May 1992 around a 4 acre former truck depot site on the south
edge of the Seward neighborhood in Minneapolis.  We have the support of the
neighborhood group (which is 30 years old, quite strong and progressive) and
their associated community development corporation - Seward Redesign which is
functioning much as our developer.  We hope to have a diverse multicultural
community and get funds thru the city to acquire and clear the land for
construction.  Working with public agencies affects the process.
COHOUSING-L subscriber Fred Olson (me) is a member Seward.

Metro East formed recently and looking for a site in the north east corner of
the metro area.  Has priority on ecology.


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