Introduction to Jim Greenleaf
From: James . Greenleaf (James.GreenleafDartmouth.EDU)
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 11:48 CST
     On some level this feels like composing a Personal Ad, but with a
specific kind of new age focus.  Somehow writing about myself always
engenders a variety of feelings because I (naturally) wish to communicate
both the facts and my nature, whatever that is.  I never feel fully satisfied
that the nature part comes across.  Maybe I should stick to "Just the
facts..." as Officer Friday would say.
     Anyway, here goes...  I moved up to Hanover, NH, about 2 years ago and
became involved in a  Cohousing group through my lover and contacts at the
local Quaker meeting.  The current status of the group is unclear, as several
key members recently dropped out to buy their own land. The remaining members
of the group maintain their interest in Cohousing - perhaps a more apt
description of the group is "evolving" or " reformulating" rather than
     My own interest in Cohousing is based upon the value I have in
"Community".  I am one of those people who seems to work and live best in an
environment where there is a personal involvement and a connection between me
and the people around me.  
     I have known about cohousing for about 5-6 years, having learned about
the concept through some presentations in the Portsmouth NH area.  An ideal
image for me is a site in this area ( I feel connected to the so-called
"Upper Valley")  that incorporates agriculture, common land, and discrete
housing sites.
      I heard about this list through Quaker-L,  the Quaker concerns
electronic list.    
      I receive my e-mail through my worksite - I check it consistently
throughout the day, Monday-Friday. 
Jim Greenleaf

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