judy baxter -addition to intro
From: Judy (BAXTER%EPIVAXvx.cis.umn.edu)
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 12:07 CST
I think I covered most of the basics last time.  
I learned about CoHousing thruogh the Utne reader, and CoHousing-L thru Fred
Olson.  I work at the U of Minnesota 3 1/2 days per week and get mail whenever
I'm there, as I'm logged on to a mainframe VAX with E-mail a good part of the
I'm incredibly excited and somewhat stressed out these days - I'd give us a 95%
or 98% chance of closing a week from tomorrow.  Then we'll start moving in to
Monterey - there will be 9 units-- 3 couples, 5 singles, and one unit is
probably but not definitely spoken for by a couple; if they decide they aren't
ready to commit, we'll probably try to rent it.  Then we start planning for
Phase II (townhouses) and recruiting.  

We'll be a coop, at least phase I, and are currently struggling with by-laws,
occupancy agreement etc.  At last night's meeting (7-10:30 p.m.!! - we're
getting down to the wire) it became clear that the occupancy agreemant , which
was modeled after the one we got from a highly recommended coop lawyer, is too
protective of the coop and not considerate enough of the members, so it will be
revised soon (if we can get it done before closing) or after closing.  

We have started working with a developer (Brighton Development Corp - highly
recommended by community groups we checked with) and he gave us lots of good
advice yesterday about dealing with the neighborhood, advice I wish we'd had
when we were dealing with Bryn Mawr, when I was involved with that group)

WE'll be the 1st in the Midwest, which is pretty exciting!!

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