Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 13:45 CST
Hi.  My name is Steve Wright and I'm a junior at Carleton College.  (This
is my first term back after an extended leave.  As Pete Seeger once said,
"I took a Sabbatical and it turned into a Mondical and a Tuesdical as well")

I'm a fairly social animal, I've found.  After six months in an efficiency
apartment in Minneapolis, I decided I'd much rather live with other people. 
This last year I lived with three friends from school and had a much better
time.  My ideal living situation would be a rural co-housing site, where all my
friends and I could do our thing during the day, then sit around in the
evening, drink homemade beer, and tell each other stories.

Ideally also, I would do my job in the backyard, so I wouldn't have to leave
unless I wanted to go to town for some hardware or something.  I'm a studio art
major, and I'm into stained glass and metalwork, which you can actually make
money at, if you're good.  I'm not good yet, but I have hopes.  So I'd want to
live on a site with some permanence to it, where I could set up a workshop.

I learned of COHOUSING-L somewhere on the net, maybe, but I'm
not sure.  We're on winter break right now, so I've been surfing the net for
hours at a time.  I check my e-mail at least once a day, even during the school
year, though.

wrights [at]

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