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From: Judy (
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 92 10:06 CST
For those of you who are new to finding out about Cohousing in U.S., the best
way to connect to local groups is through the national and regional
newsletters.  They give status reports and contact info for many of the
umbrella groups and core groups.  They also give lots of info about the process
and pitfalls of developing Cohousing in the U.S.  (it's tougher than Denmark).

CoHousing Newsletters:

CoHousing  -  (national)
Innovative Housing
2169 East Francisco Blvd., Suite E
San Rafael, CA 94901
subs $20 for 1 year (3 issues)
Lots of great info on what's happening and how-to.
        The CoHousing Company ( 510-549-9980) also maintains a database of
        groups and interested people.  I don't have their address here.

The Northeast CoHousing Quarterly
15 Pine Street
Amherst, MA 01002
Tel 413-549-3616
subs: $15 (indivs), $30 (groups)
Lots of great info on how-to.

Rocky Mountain CoHousing Quarterly
1705 14th Street #317
Boulder, CO
tel 303-442-3280
subs:$15 newsletter only
Highly recommended - I've never seen it, but natl newsletter recs it as highly
as NE, and I like NE.  Can't afford everything.

I also recommend reading the CoHousing book (by McCamant and Durrett) 
and Collaborative Housing, by Dorit (spelling may be different) Fromm. The
process of getting CoHousing going is complex, and not quick, and both books
will give you a feel for the issues.  Should be in libraries.  

One of these days maybe I'll have time to discourse on some of what we've
learned here in the last 2 1/2 years.  It's been fun, thank God, and a lot of


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