Monterey Coh in MN
From: Judy (
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 09:40 CST
I'm one of the moving-in members of Monterey (on Monterey Avenue in St. Louis
Park, 8 blocks outside of the city limits of Minneapolis, so it's not far)

I'm in the process of sorting out 20 years of stuff from my house, trying to
rent my house, working on major process issues we need to deal with at Monterey
Cohousing Community (MoCoCo), deciding on what needs to be done for rehab,
hosting 3 open houses for the CoHousing Network, the neighborhood, and friends,
and (by the way) trying to do my job.  We're all busy and stressed out at
Mococo these days,  - i'll be glad to report later, but this is all I can
manage now.  It feels wonderful, when I'm there - I hate to go back to dealing
with my house.  And the next few months, maybe even a year, are going to be
pretty stressful.

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