"subjects" and philosphy
From: Judy (BAXTER%EPIVAXvx.cis.umn.edu)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 15:14 CST
Just a comment - when you reply to a message to the mail-net, the "subject"
line remains the same, tho the topic may change, and it makes it harder to
manage my mail directory.  So, maybe start a new message and change the
"subject".  Today I think I got 5 messages labeled SF Bay.

On the subject of philosphy - my group, Monterey CoHousing Community in MN,
doesn't seem to have a philosphy beyond CoHousing, as a focus, tho the people
tend to have environmental concerns, and we don't seem to attract Republicans.

Does any one else have a more conservative group?

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