Re: SF Bay Area Cohousing
From: findley (
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 16:01 CST
Responding to Vonnie's comment, yes, from my initial explorations
it does appear to me that many co-housing groups seem to have some
core common philosophy or interest, such as vegetarian eating, home-schooling,
or ecologically balanced living.

I haven't explored enough communities to know how much these common
interests--very important to the core organizers who initiate
co-housing discussions -- actually get translated into the interests
of the group that finally winds up moving into the co-housing.

Most organizers seem to find that their interests are a little too narrow
to actually find enough people ready and able to build a co-housing
community, and they have to broaden as they move the project toward

This is undoubtedly a valuable growth process if it really produces
a diverse community of mutual respect.  I wonder, though, if people
in the original core group regard later-comers who don't share their
interests with some regret.

Comments, anyone?

findley [at]

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