From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (FRED%JWHvx.cis.umn.edu)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 20:36 CST
Rachel Findley (findley [at] math.berkeley.edu) asked:
>Does anyone know how many people are on this mailing list, and where
>they are geographically?

Below is the list of 53 current subscribers to the list.  The number of
subscribers hasn't changed much since mid December.  That is, subs came in
mostly within about 10 days of the announcements were posted various places. Of
course more than one person could be reading the messages at each address. The
names are those that were supplied at the time of subscribing. Ones with an
asterisk are my attempt to guess at the real name - usually because the
subscriber gave their Email address instead of their real name.  If you have an
asterisk, to correct the way your name is listed please send me an Email note.
Or better yet introduce yourself to the net.  I will be editing the list
sometime. You can get this list (without the guessses) by sending the command
"review cohousing-l" to the server at listserv [at] uci.com  .

Trying to deduce geography from email addresses can be touchy.  The fact
that the listserver puts addresses in "bang" format doesnt help. I made a guess
at maybe 2/3 of the list subscribers and found clusters on the coasts and some
in the midwest of the USA.   Minneapolis is well represented with 5 people from
3 core groups including Judy from Monterey that has moved in (sort of). We do
have 2 from Australia, one from Canada, and one from Ireland.  My announcement
to Usenet's soc.culture.nordic didn't seem to attract anyone...

In the near future I hope we will be getting COHOUSING-L tied in with a similar
'echo' on Fidonet that has been around since last fall.

from  Fred Olson list coordinator
1221 Russell Av N,  Minneapolis, MN 55411
(612) 588-9532   (Internet: fred%jwh [at] vx.cis.umn.edu)

Here is the current list of subscribers:

VX.CIS.UMN.EDU!FRED%JWH                          Fred Olson
PNET51.ORB.MN.ORG!MERICH                         Mark Richards
VX.CIS.UMN.EDU!BAXTER%EPIVAX                     Judy Baxter
VX.CIS.UMN.EDU!STAN%MNHEP                      * COHOUSING-L archive
U.WASHINGTON.EDU!LOHRENTS                        Susan Lohrentz
COMPUSERVE.COM!76550.1053                        Paul M. Reimer
THINK.COM!EARLSIE                              * Michael Earls
ATHENA.MIT.EDU!WRITINGS                          Vonnie Carts-powell
CARLETON.EDU!WRIGHTS                           * Steve Wright
ATHENA.MIT.EDU!CCOUNT                          * Ccount
BME.UNC.EDU!ZALESAK                              Rudy Zalesak
NETCOM.COM!TRUHER                              * Truher
MATHS.TCD.IE!AMCK                                Alastair Mckinstry
HELA.INS.CWRU.EDU!BJ368                          Mike Romano
ZDI.ZIFF.COM!BOGARTZ                             David Bogartz
DARTMOUTH.EDU!JAMES.GREENLEAF                  * James Greenleaf
WELL.SF.CA.US!PFRANKLI                           Paul Franklin
HANOVER-CRREL.ARMY.MIL!DCATE                     David Cate
MOJO.OTS.UTEXAS.EDU!SMCDOW                     * Stuart McDow
DARTMOUTH.EDU!MARGARET.FANNING                 * Margaret Fanning
WYLBUR.PHYSCI.UCLA.EDU!KLANGABEER                Kris Langabeer
SHOWER.RAIN.COM!ALAND                          * Aland percy
GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU!ANDERS                       R. Anders Schneiderman
CS.UQ.OZ.AU!ERIK                               * Erik
ACAD3.ALASKA.EDU!FTMAL                           Michael A. Lewis
BEAST.CS.HH.AB.COM!HAMLING                       Garrett Hamlin
MATH.BERKELEY.EDU!FINDLEY                        Rachel Findley
WORLD.STD.COM!FACE                               Scott Shurr
LELAND.STANFORD.EDU!JSWAN                        Jay Swan
RUST.ZSO.DEC.COM!REHM                            Eric Rehm
OCF.BERKELEY.EDU!SENNET                        * Sennet Williams
HUB.UCSB.EDU!2053NSCO%UCSBUXA                    Renee Ordeneaux
CC.NEWCASTLE.EDU.AU!GGMOJ                        Mark Jackson
POLLUX.CS.UGA.EDU!DME                            Dan Everett
MTHVAX.CS.MIAMI.EDU!WEIRD!EDUARDO                Ed Rosenfeld
HALCYON.HALCYON.COM!KEN                        * Ken
CCWF.CC.UTEXAS.EDU!CMBG                          Cynthia Bock-goodner
BEADLE.STANFORD.EDU!BIGOS                        Marty Bigos
WORLD.STD.COM!EJO                                Edward Oconnell
MAIL.UUNET.CA!UUISIS!PHILIP                      Philip Fleischer
SOILS.UMN.EDU!JLADWIG                            John Ladwig
HPDMD48.BOI.HP.COM!RSTEVAHN                      Robert Stevahn
MMM.COM!APGUIRARD                              * Andre Guirard
ZENO.MSC.COLORADO.EDU!DAVISJ                     John V. Davis
MAILHOST.BERKELEY.EDU!RHC                        Cohousing Redistribution
TC.CORNELL.EDU!ANARRES!GAARDER                   Steve Gaarder
WEB.APC.ORG!GCAMPBELL                          * Gary Campbell
IGC.APC.ORG!WKALLINS                           * W Kallins
UUNET.UU.NET!EAST-WIN!JAY                      * Jay
U.WASHINGTON.EDU!NSTEFFA                         Nancy Steffa
Total number of subscribers: 53

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