Who's welcome to live here
From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (FRED%JWHvx.cis.umn.edu)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 20:38 CST
I think the messages regarding "women's cohousing group." etc address an
important issue.  Our Seward group has taken the position that we want to
encourage diversity with the limits.  The limit being the acceptance
of the desire to work to make the community work which we assume bears no
relation to peoples heiritage.  It just means diversity doesnt mean everyone
should be welcomed
Seward got some bad news today. Namely that the latest monitoring well test
results  indicated more serious pollution problems than we heretofore expected.
We'll know more in a week or so.  But this got my wife and I talking about
alternatives, should this significantly affect the possibility or timetable of
the Seward site. Specifically we started to talk about the other two cohousing
groups in Minneapolis.  The discussion of TRG led to a discussion of who's
welcome with TRG.
Finally I get around to asking Andre, John or Mark (TRG members): Does TRG in
fact make welcome *only* those who are science fiction fans?
[An aside: the dreaded bane of Eforums, 'flame wars' did come to mind while
reading the recent messages here but I was pleased to see the articles did
not descend to this level.  I wish to clarify that the above question
should not be construed as an attack on TRG but a sincere question that I
have heard raised.]
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