Re: TRG membership and community
From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 93 10:19 CST
John, thanks for your reply. (I can see I'm out classed in the typing
department too. :)  )
Becca and I have mixed feelings about the A Mill site but I suspect we will 
take you up on the invitation to visit some time.
Besides electronic interactions are great but you cant beat an
occasional 'eyeball' as hams call a face to face meeting.
Which reminds me, I've been exploring the state of the (financially
feasable) art of optical document scanning.  Mostly with
optical character recognition in mind but also images.  OCR is
practical (tho a bit pricey it's in the range that a so inclined
cohousing group could swing it...) and very impressive.  I expect to 
scan and post some articles here soon.  But back to what reminded
me of scanning.  I've wondered about starting to accumulate images
of list participants to be distributed in .GIF file format.  It could be
done with about 8K per mall mug shot I think. (A friend did a 
church directory which I've seen.)  Any thoughts folks?
I think it's interesting but not priority number one...

Fred fred%jwh [at]

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