From: Jay Miller (jayeast-wind.org)
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 93 23:59 CST
"Or better yet indroduce yourself to the net."

Hello everyone, my name is Jay Miller (jay [at] east-wind.org, currently
listed as "* Jay").  I live at East Wind Community in Tecumseh, MO
(south central Missouri, right near the Arkansas border).  East Wind
is an intentional community of 60 adults and about 8 children.  We 
hold all of our land, labor, and resources in common.  We have two
major income producing businesses (nutbutters and hammocks) and small
scale agriculture for ourselves.

My interest in this net aren't to find a group to join but to see what
people are doing and to try to encourage networking.  I am involved 
with the Fellowship for Intentional Community and the Federation of
Egalitarian Communities, members of which I'm trying to get involved
in this net as I know they will be interested and may have useful 
advice to starting groups or people seeking information.

Additionally, I have been involved with the North American Students
of Cooperation (NASCO), an umbrella organization of Student Cooperatives.
I am not directly involved with them now but I still encourage seeking
them out as a resource at every opportunity.

Feel free to e-mail me questions about any of the groups I listed above.
Jay Miller         East Wind Community
jay [at] east-wind.org

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