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From: philip fleischer (philipuuisis.isis.org)
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 93 18:49 CST
to:cohousing-l [at] uci.com (CoHousing list)

I am Philip Fleischer in Nepean (that's near Ottawa) Canada.
Except for a short stays like in residence at University, I have 
always lived in more or less conventional single family housing.

I was an environmentalist for a long while but then came upon what
one might call 'serious green enlightenement'.  I started to see how 
much of industrial culture is unhealthy and unsustainable.  That 
alternatives in the way we house ourselves could be fundamental to the
solution is not surprising to me now although understand how many 
people can be blind to this.  I think this is partly because cohousing
has not been widely articulated.  Some of the first literate clues 
I got were reading Ernest Callenbach.

I work in computing and saw the cohousing mailing list post in 
misc.activism.progressive, so I thought I should listen in.  And if
you are interested in widening the network, I would suggest periodically
posting to Usenet groups like that.  The new newsgroup 
alt.politics.greens might be a good place to try some time.

I want to learn more and would like to get involved in a cohousing project 
myself sometime.  


philip [at] uuisis.isis.org (philip fleischer)
UUISIS - Nepean, Ontario (613) 823-6539

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