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From: apguirard (apguirardmmm.com)
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 93 13:14 CST
Someone suggested that we might want to exchange digitized photos
of the participants in this mailing list.  It sounds like a good idea but I
would like to suggest that it be done via an anonymous ftp account
somewhere, as this would avoid unnecessary net traffic and make the
files available for people who join later.  Would anyone like to volunteer
to collect these and make them available?  I would, but my company is
paranoid about allowing outside access to its computers.
     ____ ____   ___     Andre Guirard
      /   /__/  / __     2188 Fremont St.       apguirard [at] mmm.com
     /   /  \  /__/      St. Paul, MN 55119

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