working with developers
From: Judy (
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 09:49 CST
Does anyone have experience with working with developers?  We (Monterey
CoHousing Community) in the Twin Cities have been working with Brighton
Development Corporation in planning for 10 to 15 additional units (townhouse)
on our property.  They came very highly recommended, and we were optimistic
about how it would work (we are still in the initial stages).  Well, they have
just informed us that they won't be able to work with us, so we are looking
again for other resources.  We are pretty small potatoes, as a development
project goes, , so this is upsetting.

Any local resources, would be appreciated, especially if you have any
experience with these folks.  Offhand, I know somthing about barb Broen,
Westminster, and the group (whose names I forget) who did a presentation at our
annual Gathering last year.

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