Re: The Cohousing Company - clearinghouse and referral network
From: findley (
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 10:50 CST
I'm in Berkeley, and so is the Cohousing Company.  I haven't worked with
them directly, but I know someone who is working with them to sell one
remaining unit in a cohousing community near here.  I will ask her
for more information and respond to your query.  (People here were
surprised to hear about the electronic mailing list, saying the
Cohousing Company didn't mention it....  The network is now big
enough that some parts of it aren't aware of other parts, and that's
probably a good sign, if it doesn't lead to comfusion.)

Rachel Findley
 2609 Webster St.
Berkeley, CA 94705

findley [at]

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