Re: cohousing-l publicity (was Cohousing Company)
From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 12:35 CST
Publicity for this list has been almost exclusively been done via the
network so far -- mostly in mid Dec 1992.  Publicity via the network is
easier in two ways.
1) It's just a matter of posting messages in appropriate places and
2) People who see such announcements usually have email access...
At some point we should certainly do some more publicity.  We are up to
about 65 subscribers now. Recent messages about the list on alt.coops
and quaker-l resulted in a few subs.  Clearly an ongoing outreach effort
would help us grow.
I have been expecting that the connection to the Fido net cohousing
"echo" would happen for a long time now.  That would be an appropriate
time to do a publicity push.  Since that would give some people without
Internet access a way of reading the list that would also be a good time
to publicize thru print newsletters etc.  (The Fido net echo is not
on the "backbone" at this point however, so relatively few boards carry
it so far.)
I welcome any volunteers to work on publicity...
Fred Olson
fred%jwh [at]  (preferred)
or fholson [at]       (gets forwarded)

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