RE: Cohousing Rentals
From: David Bogartz (
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 09:03 CDT
>Hi. Saw your post to the cohousing list. 
>My husband and I have been involved with a mor-or-less Boston-based
>group that has gone dormant for the moment.
>What is your group doing?
>Also,on a totally different subject, do you know who I should
>contact for more information about getting an account at world?

I'm not sure whether you sent this message to me personally or to the whole
list, but I'll reply anyway.

I'm not involved in a co-housing group. I do live in a community of 20
people, but the house is owned by a non-profit corporation that's
associated with the Religious Society of Friends, and governed by a board
of directors.  People have single or double rooms rather than separate
living spaces.  There's a lot of common space in the house, though.

For more information about world, use a computer and a modem to dial
739-9753 at 8 bits, no parity, one stop bit with your credit card handy and
they'll lead you through signing on.  If you plan to use more than 7-8
hours per month, I recommend the 20/20 plan.  Also, BCS members get extra
time for their bucks.
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