moving into Cohousing
Date: Mon, 3 May 93 11:45 CDT
RE: Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 09:41 CST
RE: From: Judy <BAXTER%EPIVAX [at]>
RE: Subject: Monterey Coh in MN

Subject:  Moving into Co-Housing

Judy mentioned that moving from her home into MoCoCo was stressfull.  I'm
wondering if many people find it diffiuclt to actually accomplish the move into 
a co-housing community.  One worry that I have is that we will not be able to
sell our property when it becomes time to move into Co-Housing.

Are there any other stresses about moving into cohousing, different from the
standard moving stresses?

Jim Baranski
Lanman Hill Farm
Norwich CT

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