building cohousing yourself
Date: Mon, 3 May 93 11:53 CDT
Subject:  Building Cohousing

Purportedly, one of the principles of Co-Housing in that (supposedly) all of
the resident/owners are involved in the process from the start and design and
plan the community.  Then Typically an outside builder builds the majority of
the 2-3 dozen homes and common building at once.

My question, being a do it your-self type, is have there been any groups that
have been able to do the majority of the building themselves?

It seems to me that if there were people in the group willing, that significant
cost savings can be realized in this fashion.  With the economy the way it is,
with money *and* jobs being in should supply, it makes sense to me to have as
much work for the commuity be done within the community as possible.

Jim Baranski
Lanman Hill Farm
Norwich CT

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