Re: moving into Cohousing
From: Judy (
Date: Mon, 3 May 93 13:17 CDT
I should say that we at MoCoCo are starting to realize that we are doing
CoHousing in a way that has some extra stresses.  For me, I started with
needing to move out of my house of 21 years, and prepare it for sale with
relatively little notice.  We were not sure our purchase would go through until
about a week before the closing, and that date was only about 6 weeks after we
first heard that we might make an offer (again, after a year lapse).  So it was
short notice.

Then, we 1st movers have moved into a 1924 building that is in pretty good
shape, but , not surprisingly, some problems have surfaced (soundproofing and
leaky porch roof and a leak that turned out to be in plumbing pipes embedded in
concrete floors.  It takes time to deal with these, and so they impact our

Third, in order to save money, since we had to start paying on the mortgage
immediately,  we have moved in at the same time as we are re-organizing the
building, and doing varying amounts of remodeling to create apartment units
from a former nursing home.  So we live with remodeling or not-yet remodeled

I guess what I am saying is, in order to take advantage of a wonderful deal in
this building, and to save money, we moved in under conditions that add to the
normal stresses of moving and adjusting to living with others. Plus the current
residents are only 8 households of a planned 20-25, so that, too, is a factor.

Bottom line, Yes, there is stress, but I do think we have extra.  And I don't
think the issue is selling your house, as opposed to any other sort of move.


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