Re: How Diverse is Co-Housing, Really?
From: John Ladwig (
Date: Mon, 3 May 93 13:30 CDT
apguirard [at] <apguirard [at]> writes on 3 May 93 at 13:09 CDT
 > Jim Baranski, the busy questioner of the cohousing mailing list, writes:
 > > Are there other alternative values common in co-housing groups?
 > > Would people interested in nudism, or with non-monogamous or
 > > non-hetrosexual orientations be more welcome in your co-housing
 > > group then in mainstreem society, or in co-housing groups in general?
 > I can't speak for cohousing groups in general, but if I can answer for TRG
 > the answer is "yes".  Without getting into details I will say that our
 > current membership includes people with "alternative" values such as you
 > mention.

Oh, hell.  We have some near-infamous polyamorists and inveterate
posters to potentially-embarrasing Usenet newsgroups as members.  I'm
not the highest profile of them, but I'm married to her.  We also have
monogamists and heterosexuals in our group.  We're open-minded :-)

BTW - I seem to remember Mr. Baranski from alt.polyamory, where he was
an asset in its early days (may still be, though I haven't looked


TRG as a(n unbuilt) community has no special agenda as far as
non-monogamy and/or gender preference, but we do share a strong desire
to provide a community where those values are not derided, and there
can be open lines of communication.  We most certainly do not wish to
suggest or enforce "alternative" family structures, but we do wish to
recognize and support those which exist already for our community

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