Re: How Diverse is Co-Housing, Really?
Date: Mon, 3 May 93 13:48 CDT
Date: Mon, 3 May 93 13:32 CDT
From: "John Ladwig" <jladwig [at]>
Subject: Re: How Diverse is Co-Housing, Really?

  Oh, hell.  We have some near-infamous polyamorists and inveterate posters to
  potentially-embarrasing Usenet newsgroups as members.  I'm not the highest
  profile of them, but I'm married to her.  We also have monogamists and
  heterosexuals in our group.  We're open-minded :-)

  TRG as a(n unbuilt) community has no special agenda as far as non-monogamy
  and/or gender preference, but we do share a strong desire to provide a
  community where those values are not derided, and there can be open lines of
  communication.  We most certainly do not wish to suggest or enforce
  "alternative" family structures, but we do wish to recognize and support
  those which exist already for our community members.

Well, yes, I figured that TRG was such, but I wondered whether this was true in
practice of most co-housing groups.  We're wondering whether we should specify
in various documents what we are interested in allowing, or what we are not
interested in allowing/tolerating/approving, and what we might not.

Another case in point is that I'm pretty much a libertarian/objectivist
politically, and I'm tired of being odd man out in groups of liberal/democrats.
Of course consensus makes this easier to deal with because I wouldn't allways
get the short end of the stick as I would under majority rule.


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