Cohousing-l list operation notes
From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (
Date: Tue, 18 May 93 20:44 CDT
                                  Tue  05-18-1993
                                  Fred H. Olson    ( WB0YQM )
                                  1221 Russell Av N
                                  Minneapolis, MN 55411
                                  (612) 588-9532
                                  (Internet: fred%jwh [at]
                                  aka fholson [at] indirect but 
Cohousing email to subscriber Stuart McDow smcdow [at]
has been bouncing due to "user unknown" for a while now.  I have
removed him from the list.  If anyone knows him you might pass this
message along and ask him to resubscribe if he has a new address.
   A general comment; the default on this listserver is to not
send an article back to the subscriber who posted it.  This can be
changed by sending the command:
set cohousing-l mail ack
to the server at listserv [at]
To get a copy of the introductory message to the list (the one you got
when you subscribed) send the command:
information cohousing-l
to the server at listserv [at]
   Any problems with using the list, bouncing mail etc. can be
referred to me.

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