Org Info Requested
From: James Rubarth-Lay (
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 93 16:47 CDT
The Violet Crown cohousing society here in Austin, Texas, is in the process of 
developing our core group. We have begun meeting on a regular basis and have set
up work groups to research the various aspects of establishing a cohousing 
community. At our next meeting, in June, we will draft our mission statement.

I am on the Financial and Legal work group and am looking for any and all 
documents and other information that will allow us to establish our organization
by modelling our community after successful efforts elsewhere. Of course, I am 
ordering the Muir Commons packet from the CoHousing Company and have the 
_Cohousing_ book. If you have some material describing how you financed your 
cohousing community or how you set up its legal status, including HOA bylaws, 
articles of incorporation, etc., I would appreciate hearing from you. Violet 
Crown will reimburse you for shipping and handling. If it is more convenient for
you to do so, you may email the material to me at rubarthj [at]

Thank you,

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