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From: Pablo Halpern (
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 93 08:54 CDT
On Jun 7, 17:48, "James Rubarth-Lay" wrote:
} Subject: Org Info Requested
} ... If you have some material describing how you financed your 
} cohousing community or how you set up its legal status, including HOA bylaws, 
} articles of incorporation, etc., I would appreciate hearing from you. Violet 
} Crown will reimburse you for shipping and handling. 
} ...
}-- End of excerpt from "James Rubarth-Lay"

New View Neighborhood Development has a set of corporate by-laws that
I am quite proud of.  It includes a statement of our purpose, a
definition of our consensus process and, of course, a lot of legal
boiler plate.  Our policy is to send the bylaws to anyone that wants
them for $10 to cover costs.  Make your check out to New View
Neighborhood Development and send to:

        Martha Rounds
        57 Newcomb St.
        Arlington, MA  02174

NOTE: The corporate structure described in our By-laws is for the
*development* phase only.  It does not include any language regarding
condo or coop structures, rules, or anything else related to actually
*living* in the community.  Certain parts, like the consensus process,
will be carried over into our final structure sometime this summer or

- Pablo

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