Community living issues
From: Nancy Wight (
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 93 14:07 CDT
Our group could use some help in what we call the "Community Living"
area.  We would love to hear how other groups have dealt with the
following issues:

1) Driving on/across the pedestrian paths.  Is it allowed at all?
If so, under what circumstances? Are people happy with the way
this is handled?  

2) Pet issues, especially dogs.  Do you let them run around any
time of the day or night or do they have to be on leashes?  Are
people happy with the way this is handled?

3) General noise issues.  Do you have any policies at all about
where and when children can play, or is it futile because they
will go anywhere they want anyway?  Are people happy with
the policies (or lack thereof?)

4) Parking.  Do people *really* not mind walking 50-200 feet to their
cars (especially in cold yukky climates, with sleeping babies, etc.)?  
I suspect one would get used to it, and that the benefits outweight the 
inconvenience, but because this has been a controversy in our group, I'd love
to hear how others have handled this.


Nancy Wight
New View Neighborhood Development
wight [at]

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