From: Haurie Xavier (hauriexdivsun.unige.ch)
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 93 09:17 CDT
The AGORA Magazine in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 
(a free quarterly, circ. 5000) would like to publish any text that would 
meet the following criteria:

        1) Present the problem(s) to which cohousing is meant to be a solution
        2) Present the philosphy of cohousing in some detail (i.e. how it works)
        3) Discuss some practical results.
        4) length: 500 to 1500 words.
        5) Public: generally people interested in all forms of social progress
        6) WARNING: Agora requests from its contributors that they be willing
                to spend some time revising their texts, according to
                comments made by their peer-writers.

AGORA is a forum for discussing possible solutions to all kinds
of social problems. Copies of its 1992-1993 issues are available
upon request. 

Email to:       hauriex [at] divsun.unige.ch
or:             xavierh [at] pike.ee.mcgill.ca

Thanks in advance.
Xavier Haurie, editor.

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