condo organization
From: Pablo Halpern (
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 93 09:52 CDT
Hi cohousers,

For reasons of financability, our group has decided to use a
condiminium form of ownership structure.  Is there any representative
of a coho condo out there that could answere a few questions like:

1. What part of the condo is owned by individual households (e.g. the
houses from the studs in, the houses plus some land, etc.)

2. Can a condo use consensus as its legal decision-making process?

3. Can a condo have a process for expelling members?

4. Are there any other situations we should worry about where condo
law conflicts with coho philosophy?

P.S. I know that condo law varies from state-to-state.  Our community
is in Acton, Mass, but I'm interested in people's experience an all

- Pablo

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