Llewellyn's 1994 Organic Gardening Almanac and you...
From: Michael C. Murray (71543.3020CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 93 13:25 CDT

A pal of ours who works for Llewellyn Press here in St. Paul, MN has asked us 
contribute a section on "land co ops" for Llewellyn's "1994 Organic Gardening 
We'd like to offer folks in cohousing land a chance to contribute to this 
article and
see your (and your group's) name in print and receive a little notoriety for 
good efforts.

The almanac is a compendium of articles on organic gardening and 
concepts.  Some of this year's topics will include:

    "Maximum Production Intensive Growing"
    "Alpacas in the U.S."
    "An Easy Kitchen Herb Garden"
    "Growin' a Great Pumpkin"
    "Community-Supported Agriculture (CSAs) in the U.S."
and lots of other neat stuff.  

Our intent is to provide some examples of cohousing groups that
are pursuing or planning sustainable practices as group
objectives.  From what I've read on the list, there seems to be
a lot of groups with an interest in sustainable development.  In our
case, we were pursuing a community design that incorporated the
use of onsite energy generation and food production. How about
your group?  

We'll consider anything and everything submitted, and include
attribution for any information we use.  We'll post a copy of the
finished article to the list if people express an interest in it, and
we'll send the preliminary version of the article around to contri-
butors before we submit it so you can be sure we're not misrep-
resenting your ideas!  

So how about it folks?  Here's your chance to tell the world about
your group and sustainable practices.  Drop us a line using one 
of the methods below if you're interested.  Thanks.

Susan Jorgenson and Michael Murray
(former Metro-Easters now cohousers-at-large)

Compusuerve:  71543,3020  (or "71543,3020 [at] compuserve.com", for 'netters I 
(612) 943-8193     (W), (612) 227-6143 (H)
469 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, MN 55102  

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