Re: Concerns local to Minneapolis/St Paul area
From: Robert Cooper (
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 93 16:57 CDT
'John Ladwig writes: '
> apguirard [at] <apguirard [at]> writes on 12 July 93 at 09:32 
>  > Could we maybe have a mailing list for purely local issues in the Twin
>  > Cities area, so that there's a place for TCCN folks to exchange
>  > information of no interest to the rest of the world?
> Hmm... Given the traffic on cohousing-l, I'd say just post here, and
> if anyone complains, we can think about creating a separate channel.
> I come from the school of thought that says you split channels when
> they become noisy, rather than setting up new ones which don't
> necessarily ever get used.
> Do any of the out-of-towners have a preference on this?

Don't create a separate channel. We all have something to give and
learn. And sometime you learn the most from the little details "of 
no interests to the rest of the world".

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