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From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 93 10:04 CDT
                                  Thu  07-15-1993
                                  Fred H. Olson    ( WB0YQM )
                                  1221 Russell Av N
                                  Minneapolis, MN 55411
                                  (612) 588-9532
                                  (Internet: fred%jwh [at]
                                   or fholson [at]
If you get a message back when you try to post to COHOUSING-L
something like :
>Rejected message sent to cohousing-l [at] by <your address from msg>
As sysop, I get a copy of these error messages and can usually
deal with them tho I may have to correspond with you a bit.
It may mean that the listserver found a difference between
<your address from msg>  and <your address as subscribed>
Several situations may in turn account for this:
1) Your <your address as subscribed> is not quite right - it works to
get mail to you but it is not the address that your mailer sends
along with messages you send.
2) The rejected message was sent from an account other the one where you
are subscribed from.
3) <your address from msg> has changed since you subscribed due to changes
in mail routing configurations somewhere (I speculating on this one...)
1) can be dealt with (usually) one time after you post your first message to
the list.
2) can be dealt with when I get an "aliases" file set up for the server
so it knows about subscribers additional accounts that they post from.
For now please post from the account you get the list from.
3) can be dealt with by the aliases file if it doesn't get too bad.
Regretably computers are very dumb when it comes to common sense so we
have to tell them in detail what to do when a wrinkle comes along.
BTW, the reason the server rejects messages from non-subscribers is so that it
doesn't distributed bounced mail messages that it sometimes gets at the
COHOUSING-L [at] address.  The reject from non-subscribers configuration
even with its problems seems preferable to distributing a lot of junk...
Finally, I'm sorry to fill your mailboxes with the minutiae of running
the list but I thought an explanation of the reject messages some people
have gotten lately warranted it.
Fred  sysop COHOUSIN-L

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