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From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 93 10:18 CDT
>From Fred Olson , sysop of COHOUSING-L
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>Our group could use some help in what we call the "Community Living"
>area.  We would love to hear how other groups have dealt with the
>following issues:
The cohousing development I'm most familiar with is one in Santa Kruz. 
Unfortunately, I can't remember the name, but here is what I know about
>1) Driving on/across the pedestrian paths.  Is it allowed at all?
>If so, under what circumstances? Are people happy with the way
>this is handled?  
>3) General noise issues.  Do you have any policies at all about
>where and when children can play, or is it futile because they
>will go anywhere they want anyway?  Are people happy with
>the policies (or lack thereof?)
>4) Parking.  Do people *really* not mind walking 50-200 feet to their
>cars (especially in cold yukky climates, with sleeping babies, etc.)?  
>I suspect one would get used to it, and that the benefits outweight the 
>inconvenience, but because this has been a controversy in our group, I'd love
>to hear how others have handled this.
I guess I won't respond point by point, since they all come together
from the design.  They build their units all facing in on a central
courtyard.  They had one parking lot which everyone seemed to be happy
with, but you could just as easily have individual drives without
crossing pedestrian paths, which would be in the central courtyard.  I
don't know what sort of weather Santa Kruz has to contend with.
Someplace in the courtyard they have a kiddie play area.  Not quite a
playground, just an area that's more desirable to them and contained so
it's easier for parents with young children.  Also, it encourages them to
be in one area.  I don't know they community norms regarding kid noise.
Jay Miller               East Wind Community
jay [at]    Tecumseh, MO  65760

P.S. from Fred.  I just realized that this one should have gone out on July 6th.

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