Re: Concerns local to Minneapolis/St Paul area
From: James Rubarth-Lay (
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 93 16:41 CDT
In message <9307142004.AA11721 [at]>  writes:
> apguirard [at] <apguirard [at]> writes on 12 July 93 at 09:32 
>  > Could we maybe have a mailing list for purely local issues in the Twin
>  > Cities area, so that there's a place for TCCN folks to exchange
>  > information of no interest to the rest of the world?
> Hmm... Given the traffic on cohousing-l, I'd say just post here, and
> if anyone complains, we can think about creating a separate channel.
> I come from the school of thought that says you split channels when
> they become noisy, rather than setting up new ones which don't
> necessarily ever get used.
> Do any of the out-of-towners have a preference on this?
>     -jml
I concur with coop on this. There isn't an overload of traffic on this channel 
and until the line gets too noisy I say let's keep it in cohousing-l. The 
concerns of the Twin Cities area may extend to the rest of the world as well. We
are all still learning about this idea of community and the free exchange of 
information allows us all to learn from the experiences of others.

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