Re: Publicizing the list
From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 93 11:29 CDT
This message is about publicizing the list but first I feel the need
to make some preliminary comments. Some of the listserver software
documentation uses the term "owner" to refer to the person who
maintains the list.  I have been reluctant to use that term because of
the command implications of that term. As far as I'm concerned
COHOUSING-L has a life of its own to be directed by the collective
will of its subscribers.  (I've used various terms to refer to my role
and have finally settled on being the "sysop of COHOUSING-L".)
In this light I'd like to see subscribers help spread the word about
COHOUSING-L.  Spreading the effort around makes sense and allows the
announcement to be taylored appropriately.
Jim Salem has already offered (by email) to help.  I'll post his
suggestions along with my list of places to get a mention at the end
of this message.
I think the frequency of posting a cohousing-l announcement on
newsgroups etc should NOT be so frequent as to be a nusance.
On some lists getting into their FAQ posting would be the way to
go.  It looks like alt.coops is getting a FAQ together.
I'd suggest an announcement every two months for starters.
Regarding the question of whether I'm soliciting funds to advertise;
NO, not at this time.  Actually it hadn't occured to me.  Tho maybe it
would be a good idea at some point, thoughts anyone?  I think we could
get a lot of 'free' publicity with a little effort first.  Also
there is the overload question if we were too sucessful.
Fred  fholson [at]
1) Fred's list of online places to periodically announce cohousing-l:
2) Jim's suggestions:
3) Twin Cities Cohousing Network newsletter announcement follows
Fred's list of online places to periodically announce cohousing-l:
Volunteers for covering some of these?
The Well Cohousing electronic forum; (all users have Email I think)              Usenet newsgroup - get in FAQ        Usenet newsgroup
alt.housing.nontrad     Usenet newsgroup
alt.urban.planning      Usenet newsgroup
soc.culture.nordic      Usenet newsgroup
Are there cohousing-l subscribers who also subscribe to the following
lists and who could periodically post a cohousing-l announcement to
these mailing lists?  How about other lists?
quaker-l                Quaker mailing list
uus-l                   Unitarian mailing list
menno [at]           Menonite mailing list
active-l                   moderated activists mailing list  (MAP) moderated newsgroup linked to active-l
peacenet                   linked to MAP some I think ??
>>>>>  Jim's suggestions:
From: salem [at] (Jim Salem)                {fho: Fred's comments...}
I would be happy to spread the word of COHOUSING-L.  Could you give me some
text to use in describing it ?  Perhaps one version appropriate for email
announcements and another ("press release" style) appropriate for
newsletters, etc.
{fho: I have a number of versions that vary depending by expected net
awareness and cohousing awareness of the readers - some need a bit of
updating.  A complicating factor in publicizing to non-net media is
the need to explain Internet mailing lists etc but we should do it. I
just prepared a version for our local cohousing network newsletter. I
included the names of the local folks on the list to make it sound
more real.  Feel free to modify it, list yourself as local contact
etc. See copy below.}
{fho: My file chsl.an2 is an announcement for net, non-cohousing
places that includes 17 lines about COHOUSING-L and a 40 line intro to
cohousing with 3 item bibliography. Similar to the one you get when
you subscribe here. I won't post it now , email me if you want it.}
{fho: It finally occured to me that Utne reader is based here in Mpls
so I left a voice mail for Lynette (?) asking for suggestions about
getting mentioned in Utne.}
Here are some suggestions:
Advertise it in various internet lists of mailing lists (I'm not sure how
to do this but can help you to find out).
{fho: I have sent an announcement to arielle [at] (in May??)
who maintains a list of lists that is posted on Usenet news.?? but
don't know if we are on the yet.}
Advertise it on the WELL (there is a cohousing discussion group there --- I
can try to find out the moderator's name if you want)
{fho: Anyone who could do this??}
Advertise it on PeaceNet (I have an account there and can try to do that)
{fho: Do it; I think there was something once via ACTIVE-L list}
Advertise it on the usenet (There is a group called alt.housing.nontrad
that would be appropriate)
{fho: That group had no messages when I checked. See my compilation of
newsgroups above.}
Create a gateway to usenet (this will also dramatically increase the
volume --- I don't know how to do this but I'm many people have done it.)
{fho: This one strikes me as needing careful consideration.
Information overload is a big danger in this media. The same
consideration goes for using cohousing-l for local discussions tho for
now I concur with the folks who have said 'do it here' since so far we
have not had too much traffic.}
{fho: Another consideration is that we may want cohousing-l to evolve
into a "virtual community". "Virtual community" is a term I've seen a
few time and simply refers to an online group forum where people get
to know each other. It gives some context for messages making them
more meaningful. This might be easier if cohousing-l stays a list
rather than a more open newsgroup. A cohousing virtual community
seems most appropriate. }
{fho: If anyone wants to followup on this please start a new
"virtual community" topic... }
Advertise it in cohousing publications.  There are at least two
Massachusetts newsletters that I can forward things to as well as the
national newsletter.  
Let me know what I can help with.  
-- jim        >>>>>  end of Jim's suggestions
****** Twin Cities Cohousing Network newsletter announcement follows ***
COHOUSING-L , the free electronic discussion about Cohousing, has been
operating since Dec of 1992.  It seems to be gathering enough momentum
to carry on a viable discussion.  As of mid July 1993 there are
90 subscribers from around the US with a few from outside the US.
COHOUSING-L is distributed as a "mailing list" via the Internet
network. The Internet is a very large network that is still largely
used by people at academic institutions.  See the article
"The Internet" in The Nation, July 12, 1993. Users of other networks
can particpate if they can send Email to Internet.
The following Twin Cities Cohousing people currently participate in
Fred Olson      Seward also COHOUSING-L sysop
Judy Baxter     MOCOCO       Ralph D. Jenson   TRG
Gordon Weil     Seward       Mark E. Richards  TRG
Tony J. Klein   Seward       John Ladwig       TRG
Mike Murray                  Andre Guirard     TRG
For more information contact:
Fred Olson  Internet: fholson [at]  or (612) 588-9532

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