My wife & I would like to visit some cohousing sites.
From: mike begley (
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 93 07:33 CDT
Hi!  My wife, a friend, and I are quite interested in cohousing, but we've
only been able to read about it in a few books we've found.  We've become
aware (from this group) that there are a number of cohousing communities in
the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area, and we were wondering if we could arrange to
visit one or more of these communities sometime in August.  We'd like to get
the chance to stay in one or two of them during our visit, so we can get more
of a feeling for the community, and perhaps see one that's still in

Would this be possible?  Please send email if you might be able to accomodate
us in our "fact-finding" mission.

-mike begley
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