Re: My wife & I would like to visit some cohousing sites.
From: Judy (
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 93 09:15 CDT
mike begley <spam [at]> writes:
<Subject: My wife & I would like to visit some cohousing sites.

<Hi!  My wife, a friend, and I are quite interested in cohousing, but we've
<only been able to read about it in a few books we've found.  We've become
<aware (from this group) that there are a number of cohousing communities in
<the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area, and we were wondering if we could arrange to
<visit one or more of these communities sometime in August.  We'd like to get
<the chance to stay in one or two of them during our visit, so we can get more
<of a feeling for the community, and perhaps see one that's still in

Well, there are 3 or 4 active  cohousing groups in the metro area, all in some
way in the planning stage, and a couple of more rural groups.  One has moved
into phase 1 of a 2 stage project (mine) and we are certainly willing to have
cohousing visitors.  The more notice you can give us, the better - we're pretty
busy with meetings, etc. these days. In terms of staying with us, it would
depend on the schedule and availability of space. .  We are asking people to
contribute $20/night for using our guest room, not sure how much for the
"teeny" guest room.  You could for sure come by and visit and talk, one way or
another.   We have Friday night dinners and we appreciate a contribution (it's
very hard to cook not knowing if there will be 10 people or 30, and that's been
the range - either notify us (2 days before and we'll include you in the count
and ask for a small ($1.75) contribution, or bring a potluck contribution. 
)I'll be out of town from August 18-30, but you can call me before then, at
922-5125.  Late is o.k. (before 11:15).

I assume the other Twin Cities Network folk will respond for their groups.

Judy Baxter, Monterey Cohousing Community, Twin Cities Area, Mpls/St.Paul MN
        (Mococo)                baxter%epivax [at]

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