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From: Trey Wedge (
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 93 11:54 CDT
Ok, This seems to be a relatively low traffic list, where introductions
    are not inappropriate. My name is Trey Wedge and I live in a 
    cooperative household in Menlo Park. I am interested in what's 
    going on in the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz,non-traditional 
    housing and owner-builder scene. I have worked with Urban Ecology
    in Berkeley and was around for the starting of Cerro Gordo near 
    Cottage Grove, Oregon. I missed the Berkeley Eco-City conference 
    in 1990(?), by a week. I am mostly interested in social engineering
    and cultural change that starts at home and grows into society, 
    because "its the right way to go", rather than some other kind
    of social coercion. My description is "growing model" where there isn't 
    a limit to how big a good model can grow. My model for start-up
    is "puzzle maze." Once you solve the puzzle, the solution to the 
    maze becomes obvious. My feeling is that one of the existential 
    tragedies of American life is that 80% of the population has to 
    spend most of their life buying a place to live. My goal is to 
    spend about as much time and energy "buying" a place to live as
    they spend on buying a car. So, on to solving the puzzle, let's
    try to help each other.                                  trey

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