CASCADE Timeline for development
From: John Willson (
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 93 17:59 CDT
The group first formed as loose group in September 91.  After a lot of
hard work looking for land we finally purchased some in March 91.  Our
criteria was largely sunny land cycling distance from the city centre,
this is very difficult to find in a hilly city.  It was a series of
connecting blocks, all from the local housing authority.  At this
stage we named ourselves Cascade CoHousing after a nearby stream and a
Brewery about 1/2 mile away.

In December 91 we obtained planning approval, and the first dwelling
started construction in August 92.  In July 92 we purchased some more
land.  The first residents moved in in April 93.  Work on the Cohouse
started in April 93 and we expect it to be usable in early 94.

Initially we had land for 12 households, and now we have land for 14.
We are still looking for more people to join, any one interested.

John Willson
Cascade CoHousing                     EMail:  John.Willson [at]
Hobart                                Phone:  +61 02 33 3309
Hobart, Tasmania,  Australia          Fax:    +61 02 23 5905

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