San Francisco/Berkeley/SantaCruz
From: Trey Wedge (
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 93 14:32 CDT
Is there any subscribers from the Berkeley/SanFrancisco/PaloAlto/SantaCruz
 area listening? Whats going on around here? Are there any active CoH 
 communities? It seems like there must be, aren't the holders of the 
 trademark "CoHousing" name from around here? I would like to 
 pull together a list of the subscribers within about one hour 
 radius from Palo Alto, to maybe have an event or two, or at least
 go out for coffee. Anyone here involved with Urban Ecology? Anything 
 else?                            See you in the Future, trey

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    • San Francisco/Berkeley/SantaCruz Trey Wedge, July 29 1993

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