Asheville, NC coho
From: Michael C. Murray (71543.3020CompuServe.COM)
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 93 21:19 CDT
fraserb [at] asked:

>> I was wondering if anyone knows about the
>> co-housing group in the Asheville, NC area. I was hoping to get a
>> contact name and/or number. I'd appreciate it if you know about it
>> to share that information with me. 

On a related note, from "CoOp America Quarterly", Summer/Fall 1993, Member 
Reader Exchange section:

"Gaya Erlandson, PhD, reports that she has been involved in cohousing meetings 
in Austin, TX for the
last year. (...) She is considering a move to Asheville, NC and would like 
information on sustainability
projects in that area. Contact CoOp America Quarterly to reach her."

Well, "from acorns mighty oaks"and all that, so here's their address:

Co-op America
1850 M St. NW, Suite 700
Wash., D.C. 20036
(800) 424 - 2667 or (202) 872-5307

Perhaps this will be helpful in the original request for Asheville group info.

Good luck,
Michael Murray 

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