Introduction to Alan Murray
From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 93 09:13 CDT
Hi Folks,
I am Alan Murray.  I'm very glad to have discovered your list.  It's
kind of a cybernetic commons.
I live as caretaker of a rural property who's absentee owner has had
moments of communal leaning.  However she feels that it is more
important that her family inherit it.  Others who have been here with
me have gone on to other cooperative living situations.  I listen to
the cattle lowing and wait for the time to be right to join a group
myself.  I'm quite happy with the solitude in the meantime.
Since '89 I've been taking a second look at community, reading what I
can and talking with those interested.  From '74 to '78 I had lived in a
commune based in Oregon.  Materially it functioned quite well.  It was well
organized, we worked hard and provided for ourselves nicely.  It was far from
egalitarian however.  Little consensus was needed since all decisions came
downward through a hierarchy.  The mind control, which used as its excuse
fundamental religious doctrine, eventually destroyed the far flung group.
Well, haven't we all matured since the seventies.  I've read M. Scott
Peck's  _The Different Drum_ and McLaughlin and Davidson's _Builders
of the Dawn.  I'm very encouraged.  I don't know as yet what kind of
cooperative living I'd be suited to.
To those of you who read, has there been much traffic there?
My sysop just added it this week but there isn't a single post in it.
I'm eager to learn just how broadly the electronic networking among
communities goes.
Keep the fire burn'n,
$@&n                        Alan.Murray [at] (Alan Murray)
                            Fidonet: 1:112/28

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