Re: Introduction to Alan Murray
From: James O Ausman (ausmancea.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 93 14:40 CDT
Well, I since everyone new seems to be introducing themselves,
I guess I will too.

My name is Jim Ausman and I live in the University Student Cooperative 
Association, a 1200 member student-only cooperative. I live in one
80 member house, where we cook and eat in common. I have been involved
in various aspects of running this place, from potwash to president 
and while it is hardly a utopia, I find it much more to my liking than
renting from a landlord, or even buying a place. I will be graduating in
a week and because of our students only provision (at least partially due
to our desire to keep tax-exempt status) I will have to move out.

Temporarily, I will probably pay rent (unless there is a coop that is 
looking for a transient -1 yr- member, in the area), but I plan on being
part of a co-op/cohousing community after I finish some professional

Right now, I work as a system operator for a research institute on the UC
campus, but most of my work experience has been in medicine and that is
where I plan on continuing my training. The main reason I am working here
is because jobs are tough to find right now, but I also have to admit that
I find computers a lot of fun (even at 40 hrs/week).

Cooperatively Yours,
Jim Ausman

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